Are Practice Butterfly Knives Illegal

I already did an extensive piece on why butterfly knives are illegal and where they’re considered illegal too.

I have also created a video guide on beginner butterfly knife tricks that you can practice with a fake balisong for those who like the cool flicks of butterfly knives.

But are these trainer butterfly knives legal or as illegal as the real deal?

Trainer butterfly knives are legal since they do not contain actual blades and cannot be used in the same way as the authentic item. They can be classed as illegal items if they’re used in a crime, to threaten, or in a capacity that makes them look like the real stuff.

Read on to learn more about how fake butterfly knives can be illegal in specific scenarios.

Can You Use A Butterfly Knife Trainer in A Public Place?

I wouldn’t if I were you.

Butterfly knife trainers are made to look like the real thing and could strike fear into passers-by if you were to bring them out in public. This fear factor is one of the many reasons the knives were banned in the first place, so you know it’s a serious thing.

This is mostly like using a prop gun that looked like the real thing in a public park. You would surely scare many people away as not all of them know enough to differentiate the real thing from the fake one.

It’s best to use your balisong trainer within your home or among others with the same interests to avoid curious stares that might put you in any legal trouble.

You Might Get into Extra Trouble with A Fake Balisong

There are laws around aggravating offenses based on what was found on you at the moment.

I know of such laws in the US, US, and Canada.

For example, if you were arrested for speeding and a balisong was found on you, you could be charged with a more severe offense.

You might be left at the mercy of the cops that arrest you and their interpretation of the law when determining if the blade is legal or not.

You don’t want that to happen, so I suggest only using your balisong trainers at home. If possible, don’t post about them on social media even. You can enjoy the pleasures of your fine, fake blade in silence.

Can You Take A Fake Butterfly Knife on A Plane?

Fake butterfly knives aren’t allowed in hand luggage or planes but can be stored in checked baggage. They look much like the real deal and can only be verified on closer inspection, making the TSA see them as a safety concern.

Make sure to stow your fake balisong trainer away in checked luggage when traveling so that you don’t fall onto the wrong side of the law.

Can You Sharpen A Practice Butterfly Knife?

Some practice butterfly knives come with dull metal blades to mimic the real thing. You can sharpen these blades to make the balisong feel closer to the real butterfly knife, which also makes the knife illegal now.

The fake butterfly knife was legal because it didn’t have any sharp edges and wasn’t considered a knife. Now that you have sharpened it, you’re subject to the knife laws banning this blade’s sale, possession, and distribution.

While you can sharpen a practice butterfly knife, it’s best not to do so. Otherwise, you might find yourself in trouble with the law, cut yourself with the knife or hurt someone.

Where Are Blunt Butterfly Knives Legal?

Blunt butterfly knives are legal in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, and everywhere else as long as their blades aren’t sharpened and they’re not used in a crime.

They’re legal doesn’t mean they can be taken to schools, churches, government buildings, or any other weapons-free zones since they might be mistaken for an actual weapon.

A fake balisong should also never be used to threaten anyone; else, the user could be arrested on the grounds of assault.

When flying with these knives, make sure to check them in so that you don’t run afoul of any TSA rules. Look at this guide for a more comprehensive approach to knives you can fly with.

If you sell these knives or want to get them from another country, read this guide on mailing knives via UPS, USPS, and FedEx to avoid any issues with customs.

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