Can You Sharpen A Knife with A Lansky Puck

The Lansky puck is a sharpening tool, but not dedicated to knives.

Where whetstones are designed specially to get your knives sharp again, the Lansky puck is better suited to heavier tools. So, here, we have the axes, lawnmower blades, machetes, and the likes.

But then again, can you sharpen a knife with a Lansky puck too?

The Lansky puck is a fine tool for restoring the edge on knives. They usually come as a dual grit system which allows for the coarse and finer sharpening of knife blades as possible on a whetstone.

While they are not native to small knives, they are also a great alternative form of sharpening to consider when handy.

How to sharpen a knife with the Lansky puck

If you have a Lansky puck handy and want to use that on your knives, then, by all means.

I consider it safer and better than most other alternative sharpening methods which tend to ruin the knife in the long run.

For this demonstration, I found a quite helpful video for you.

Here goes:

Start at the 1:46 mark

What kind of knives to not sharpen with a puck?

When I talk about knives, I try to be as specific as possible.

From bowie knives and ballistic knives to folding knives and swiss army knives, there are just a lot of different ones out there. And we have not even gotten started on kitchen knives, among others that I am yet to mention.

So, the fact that you can sharpen knives with a Lansky puck does not mean that you should sharpen all knives that come your way with one.

Only knives with a strong blade and body steel should be sharpened on the Lansky puck. The sharpening material was designed for heavier tools and is not suitable for smaller knives.

Thus, folding knives/ pocket knives and smaller kitchen knives should not be taken to the Lansky puck.

The knives in the large category above will be daggers and dirks, machetes (yes, it is also a knife), big outdoor knives, and large kitchen knives.

When in a pinch, you can sharpen a smaller knife with a small rock instead. Till you can get to a proper sharpening tool.

Before you sharpen anything at all

Make sure you know what you are doing.

If you don’t know how to sharpen freehand before, even the best tools won’t help you one bit.

So, make sure you have the basics of knife sharpening down first before you attempt sharpening with anything at all. Even with a proper tool.

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