How Much Is an Electric Knife (And are they worth it at all)

Electric knives are fast gaining ground and they could soon become a staple in most kitchens.

While most manufacturers are just getting in on the niche, others already have an impressive list of products. I believe that these products still need a lot of work and could be better in some years to come.

Before then, though, just how much should a good electric knife cost?

A well-made electric knife should range between $25 – $70. The final price is dependent on the quality of make, nature of the material used in the design as well as the status of the brand that makes the knife.

Are electric knives worth it?

There are some benefits to using electric knives as opposed to traditional knives.

If you know me, you already know that I don’t think these knives should replace the traditional options yet. We might get to some point in the future where I rethink that stance, though.

For now, here are some of the reasons why I think electric knives are worth it:

Requires less effort

You don’t have to put as much effort into cutting with an electric knife as you would do with a normal knife.

Granted, a sharp knife will cut through most things faster and without hassle. When you do a lot of cutting every day, though, you will surely notice the strength savings that you get from using an electric knife.

Time savings

Like I said earlier, if you do a lot of cutting, you will see the time-saving properties of an electric knife.

These knives are faster in that you don’t have to put in too much energy, so you can breeze through tasks faster.

The same might not be true if you only do minimal cutting per day. So, you might need to wait till you need what an electric knife offers in this department to get it. Or just get one anyway and let all those little seconds that you save count.


You can improve kitchen safety with electric knives when used properly.

Of course, following this printable guide alone will get you to a high level of kitchen knife safety. Even at that, though, there are some kitchen accidents that you and I will just do away with.

On that side, for some people, electric knives could be the answer to better safety.

Why I don’t like electric knives

You might think I’ve been itching to get to this section, but that is farther from the truth.

If anything, I would like to see that these issues are tackled so that electric knives can reach their full potentials and we can see how they improve the whole knife game for us.

That said, here are some things to keep in mind when getting electric knives:

You always need a power source

What if you wanted to cut something but didn’t have a source of power?

For me, that instantly makes electric knives a poor choice when going outdoors or in other situations where you might not be with a power source.

Likewise, it means that you can only use your knives in select areas of the kitchen where there is an outlet nearby. Otherwise, you have a less functional tool on your hands.

You might need battery changes

On some units, you can use batteries instead of power sources.

What happens when the battery dies on you after some time of usage? The worst thing is when the battery dies at a point where you don’t have replacements, and you cannot go out to get them currently.

Likewise, you have to consider the fact that buying batteries will remain a recurrent cost for you. Instead, you could have bought a good knife and only have to worry about sharpening it twice or thrice a year.

Storage is a hassle

Especially on the ones that come with a cord.

I can’t, for the life of me, see how easy it would be to store these knives.

You cannot put them in a knife block, for one, and I don’t think they would look any good on a magnetic strip. What you can do is keep them in your drawers – so you better have the drawers for them.

There are cordless versions which I am happy to see. That is a step in the right direction for those who make and want these knives. The only issue is, they still have a fatter bottom that might make storing them a hassle still.

This is not to say you cannot store these knives at all. If you are used to traditional knives, though, you’d find it challenging to get used to store these.

Which electric knives should you get?

If you’ll be buying electric knives at all, make sure they are from a reputable brand. That way, you are not just buying some cheap tool that some company from nowhere thought to use to get into this niche.

Besides that, make sure the price range is right also. Refer to the initial price range that I suggested for the best bracket to spend.

With that, you might not know what to look at in the forms of materials of make, features, and the likes.

I have done some of the legwork for you and found these:

  • Cuisinart AC Electric knife – most trusted pick for me, and it happens to come at the best bargain also. See what you can do with this one-size electric knife model [ Buy on Amazon ]
  • Berkley electric fillet knife – comes with two different serrated blades but you might not like that it is best suited to filleting only. At the price, though, I don’t mind. Best for if you fillet/ process a lot of fish and need some help with that. [ Check Amazon Reviews ]
  • Homaider Multi-purpose electric knife – I just came across this brand also and they are doing a great job with their model. This is not a knife that you will be carrying around with you anytime soon, due to the sheer size. When you want to carve your turkey on thanksgiving, cut BBQ ribs right or section large meat into smaller portions for dinner guests, you can call on this guy. [ Buy on Amazon ]

Final Words

An electric knife is not supposed to set you back too much and it might even cost lesser than a traditional knife. For now, though, they don’t have the luxury of range and options that we enjoy on the non-electric knives.

Manufacturers will surely step up their game and make something happen in the years to come, and I’d love to see and write about all of that also. For now, electric knives are worth it for starters and are not too expensive to start with.

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