Is A Butterfly Knife an Automatic Knife, Switchblade, or Something Else

The butterfly knife is one of the most contested knives around today. Maybe that is why they have such a cool factor to them whenever we see them.

You already know that they are illegal in most places, so make sure you know what you are doing before you are caught with one.

In the grand scheme of things, though, are butterfly knives switchblades, automatic knives, or other kinds of knives?

Follow through to the end of the piece for targeted answers to these questions and more.

Are butterfly knives automatic?

An automatic knife requires a mechanism (usually a button) that is depressed to get the knife out of the holster.

The only similarity between an automatic knife and butterfly knives is that they are both forms of folding knives. Beyond that, they are as different as can be.

While the automatic knife only has one blade, a typical butterfly knife will have two blades. Likewise, the butterfly knife doesn’t need any special mechanism for its opening.

If you want to learn some cool opening and closing tricks for your butterfly knife, go here. You will also find some more tricks that you can practice safely at home with your trainer butterfly knife in there.

Oh, I digressed a little.

So, a butterfly knife is not an automatic blade.

Is a butterfly knife a switchblade?

Things get more specific here, but the answer remains the same as above.

Seeing as switchblades are types of automatic knives, it would be wrong to put the butterfly knife in this class.

As mentioned up there, you don’t need any special buttons, levers, or mechanisms to open your butterfly knife. All you need is some clever flicks of the wrist and you can have them opened or closed.

What category does a butterfly knife belong to?

Seeing as the butterfly knife is neither a switchblade nor is it a general automatic knife, what would you call it?

Well, this knife is known by many names to different people. Be it Batangas or balisongs, though, this is still a type of folding pocket knife.

Left to me, the real butterfly knives should never be put in your pocket. In the first place, you should not even have them – but if you do, they should not go in your pockets.

Looking at the parts of this knife, you see that it has a bite handle that will still cut you even when the knife is closed. That is not the kind of knife that you want to have in your pocket.

Is the trainer butterfly knife illegal?

You know that the butterfly knife is illegal, but you want to have something like it.

Maybe you just like collecting knives, or you want to practice some butterfly knife tricks. No matter which it is, the trainers are not illegal.

However, that doesn’t mean you can take them anywhere with you also.

Context is everything in some cases. If you were in a courthouse and you suddenly started waving the trainer around, you would be restricted and arrested before you get the chance to explain yourself.

Prevent such situations by using your trainer within your homes, and keeping it there also.

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