The Ultimate Guide to Where 35+ Knife Brands Are Made

If you care about getting well-made knives, you know to check where your knife is made before you buy it at all.

There is almost a general agreement that knives made in China are not usually of the best quality since the materials could be better and quality control could use a bigger boost. That is not to say that some great knives don’t come from the region, but you’d prefer a well-made American or German knife instead.

Japanese knives are also coming up in the world with some very fine additions, but they are not all good. In this piece, I’ve compiled different common knife brands and where their knives are manufactured.

**Knives are/ may be assembled here, not manufactured.

***Location where the knives are designed

Where Are Dalstrong Knives Made?

Dalstrong is clever enough with this question, always quick to remind us that they have offices in the US and Canada. They also remind us that they have warehouses everywhere from the US and Canada to even the Netherlands.

Dalstrong knives are made in Yangjiang of China which has become known for knifemaking like the Seki City in Japan. This city became known for knifemaking when the Chinese state established a factory there in the 1980s, and they have kept making quality knives since.

While the market usually frowns upon knives and products made in China, the knives that come out of Yangjiang can be trusted to a fine extent. Combine that with a good brand name like Dalstrong has maintained and you know that they have a promise of quality behind them.

Yangjiang is also the advertised home for Kamikoto knives even if they claim to use steel from Japan instead.

Where Are Gerber Knives Made?

Gerber is an all-American brand that started with a manufacturing facility situated in Portland, Oregon. The company maintains a high standard of quality on its hand-crafted knives and other tools which they ship worldwide.

Recent claims from several users have suggested that the company may be making some of its models out of China these days. While there is still production going on in the US, the company might be taking advantage of the reduced labor costs that it can get in China.

Since they continue to ship worldwide, they might also be making/ assembling knives in China to ship to the rest of the world where it would have been too expensive to do so from the US.

Where Are CIVIVI Knives Made?

The CIVIVI knife brand is owned by the WE Knife Company which designs its knives in the United States to be made in China. These knives set themselves apart from the usual Chinese stuff that we are used to by taking care of their design in-house and even employing a host of international designers to come up with their knife designs.

This shows high attention to detail which is followed by great quality control. The fact that the company is owned by a bigger brand that knows what it’s doing in the knife market assures us that they are doing fine work from China too.

If for all that, we get more affordable knives from a worthy brand, I don’t mind where it’s made.

Are Stauer Knives Made in China?

Or, better still, where are Stauer knives made?

Stauer is known for its watches, jewels, and other luxury products. When they started making knives, it was very safe to assume that they knew next to nothing about the knife-making process themselves. Instead, they have someone make the knives for them.

When this happens, there is a high chance that the knives were made in China. Some other sources have indicated that they might even be made in Pakistan. The company itself is not helping matters by not telling us where they make the knives or who makes the knives for them.

Till they do that, I don’t think most knife buyers can see them as serious makers and trust them enough with their monies.

Where Are Spyderco Knives Made?

Spyderco is an interesting brand that has a series of knives made in different parts of the world. While all of the knives are designed in the USA, they are usually manufactured in different areas so that the company can keep lower prices.

Spyderco knives are made in the USA, Japan, and China, among other locations. The company distinguishes its USA-made knives from those made overseas to appeal to customers who would prefer such models.

While they generally maintain the same level of quality and standards across all their knives, Spyderco encourages users and buyers to check out which design they would prefer based on where they were made.

Where Are Hen and Rooster Knives Made?

Hen and Rooster knives may have found root in the USA where they make most of their sales, but this is not where they make their knives from.

A look at their official page shows that their hand-crafted knives are made from Solingen in Germany. Anyone who knows their knives well also knows that Germany is known for creating some of the best tools, knives included.

However, there are some claims that the knife parts are truly assembled in Germany but finished in China. I do not know if this applies to all of the knives that the company sells or just some of them.

It is important to note that the Hen and Rooster brand was sold to an American, Jim Frost, at some point. When A.G Russell was in charge of the brand, all the Hen and Rooster knives were made and assembled in a tiny factory in Germany with just 14 employees.

With the change of ownership and American capitalism style, I don’t very much doubt that the knives are assembled in China, Spain, and Argentina, among other locations.

Where Are Mercer Knives Made?

Mercer knives burst onto the scene with a host of good-looking, sharp German-style knives that were also surprisingly affordable. But do they come out of Germany?

The Mercer knives are made with high-quality German steel but manufactured and assembled in Taiwan. The choice of steel ensures improved edge retention and value for money while the production location ensures affordability.

By combining both, Mercer Culinary brings good German knives to the market for a better price than most models would have sold for.

Where to buy Mercer knives

Mercer knives are popular today and you can get them in stores around you. If those stores aren’t carrying any, or you don’t want to go out right now, you can also order Mercer knives from Amazon.

Alternatively, buy the knives from the company’s official website, although I don’t know how long that is going to take. I prefer to shop via Amazon since I know their shipping policies and return policies if need be.

Where Are Elk Ridge Knives Made?

One thing I am sure of is that these knives are not made in the USA. If they were, I am yet to see a manufacturer that would have passed up the chance to slap a “Made in USA” tag on their knife.

So that leaves the question of where Elk Ridge knives come from.

Every answer point to these knives being made in an overseas facility but there is no indication of where exactly. As soon as I can nail that down, I’ll update this section accordingly.

Where Are SOG Knives Made?

SOG knives are also an interesting bunch since they have production facilities all over the place. They take things a step forward by sectioning out which of their knives get made where.

Check out the table below for how SOG makes different knives in different places.

SOG Knife TypeMfg. Location
Folding knifeUSA
Folding knife (higher priced)Seki City, Japan
Fixed BladeTaiwan

This is not to say that fixed blades cannot be made in the US or folding knives in Taiwan, for example. However, the table above shows where the majority of those knives under the different form factors come from.

Where Are Katsu Knives Made?

Katsu is one of the most forthcoming brands out there and I love them for their honesty. I have never used anyone of their knives, though. I just appreciate their honesty.

Katsu knives are made in Yangjiang of China while the materials used on the knives are sourced from all around the world. Katsu employs VG10 core steel and also gets Japanese AUS10 core steel for some of its finest blades.

Since we have already established that the Yangjiang part of China is also rich in knifemaking history, I don’t doubt that Katsu does a good job with their products.

Where Are Kizer Knives Made?

This is one of those places where I will advise you to read to the end. But first, they are not made in the USA.

Kizer knives are made in China and crafted from fine steel combined with stringent quality control processes. They do not boast the Made in USA badge, but the Kizer team has hacked the production of quality knives from China and they are not aggressive with their pricing either.

One of the things that I love the most about them is how they partner with designers from around the world to craft these amazing knives. This shows that they put the time and craft in.

If they don’t change hands nor try to start undercutting, they will keep doing well for long. Even out of China, yes.

Where Are Camillus Knives Made?

Camillus knives have a lot of history and date way back.

Camillus was the true American brand that made its knives out of a little village in New York for over a century. There are reports that the knife brand outsourced some manufacturing and production to other knife companies in the US – and they also took some of the production abroad.

As of the time of this writing, the rights to the Camillus name have been bought and another company now makes knives with these marks abroad. Still, not all Camillus knives made abroad are the original thing since some models are marked as ‘Made in Spain’ which are debunked fake by the official website.

Some reports also point to Taiwan being one of the locations where these knives are being made abroad these days.

Where Are Marbles Knives Made?

Marbles knives have existed for so long that they have become a collector’s item. That is why I wrote an entire guide to dating them to a specific year and era right here.

But where are these fine knives made?

Marbles knives are proudly made in the USA and they carry the stamp to show it. Some low-quality models have started showing up from regions like China, and they don’t usually carry the USA stamp.

While the original Marbles brand is not in business anymore, all of the knives from that era were made in Gladstone, MI, USA. Some of the products coming out of China today are also good for the money, but none are as good as the originals anyway.

Where Are Viper-Tec Knives Made?

People looking to get into the Out the Front (OTF) knife movement but don’t want to spend too much are usually faced with options like Viper Tec.

The Viper Tec knives are advertised as being hand-assembled in the USA but there is no proof that they are made there. This leads to a lot of speculation that these knives could have their parts sourced from other regions of the world, only to be assembled in the USA.

That is if any assembling happens in the USA in the first place.

Where Are Calphalon Knives Made?

Calphalon started as a cookware brand, not just a knife company. They are known for their non-stick pots and such, and they have a manufacturing outfit set up in Ohio.

However, the company has since moved most of its production abroad so we don’t get the exclusive ‘Made in USA’ feel with them anymore.

They do some clever marketing with the approach that they take to these knives too. Calphalon makes its general knife series with hand-forged, high carbon German steel while reserving Asian steel for the steak knives in its catalog.

Where Are Imarku Knives Made?

Imarku maintains that its knives are made in Japan, which is what you would expect from a Japanese knife brand. Of course, that is not what we saw when I reviewed the Kamikoto knives which are a Japanese set but made in China.

With the Imarku knives, I was surprised to see that they are made in China and not Japan as the company has claimed. Manufacturing the knives under the Shenzhen Bolton Technology Company, I don’t see why they don’t just come out straight to state this themselves.

After all, we have seen great knife makers on this list who do their thing from China and are not afraid to flaunt it either.

Where Are Off-Grid Knives Made?

Off-Grid knives have several production partners in overseas facilities, but they do it in style.

Many Off-grid knives are manufactured in Taiwan with high-quality steel, knife materials, and attention to detail to boot. Some of their models (such as the Black Mamba V2 and Scorpion) are made in China instead.

Off-Grid maintains that they use the same production companies that have produced knives for the likes of CRKT, Cold Steel, and Kershaw, among others. This goes on to show that they are not cutting corners but are going in the way of established brands that we have all come to love today.

Where Are BergHoff Knives Made?

You might not quickly find something direct on where BergHoff makes their knives if you were to check.

The company has its headquarters in Germany and also claims to use German steel for its knives. This might make you think that they are based in Germany, but they are not.

On the flip side, they are not making their knives out of China or other Asian countries either. As far as I know of, anyway.

All indications point to BergHoff making their knives somewhere in Western Europe. While I am yet to nail down a specific location, Spain does look like a likely one given the number of knives that have come out of there too.

Where Are Oerla Knives Made?

Oerla is clever enough to have a US-only website which leads most buyers to think that their knives are made in the USA. They also have this clever way of misdirecting some users by stating that they are based in the USA.

While that is not a lie, you should also know that they do not make knives in the USA at all. They can be based here but they don’t do any production here.

Oerla knives are made in China and sold in the USA. These knives are usually fixed blade EDCs and are reminiscence of the designs on some truly impressive knives like the Esee outdoor series.

Where Are MicroTech Knives Made?

When it comes to making knives, MicroTech doesn’t play. The fact that they have been designated as a knifemaker for the military also means that they have more motivation to keep things in-house.

MicroTech knives have moved around a bit within the USA, establishing a manufacturing brand in Florida before taking it to Branford. The company now operates out of North Carolina where they make all their gear, including the knives that we appreciate from them.

Where Are Kissing Crane Knives Made?

A knife brand name that has seen a lot of centuries like Kissing Crane deserves some respect.

If you have one of the originals, learn how to date that kissing crane knife here.

The original Kissing Crane knives were handcrafted and assembled in Solingen, Germany. The Kissing crane company has since been bought and the knife production is now in China.

There are still a series of the original Kissing Crane knives around today, some dating back many decades. Most knife collectors, users, and enthusiasts agree that those German-made kissing crane knives are the best of the bunch.

Where Are MoorHaus Knives Made?

I checked even the Facebook page of this company and nowhere did they list where they are based or where the knives are made from.

They do have some clever misdirection tactics in place, though.

For starters, they quickly claim that the knife blade has German core steel with some Swedish elements. That can throw you off to make you think that the knives are either of German or Swedish origins, but I would not fall for that if I were you.

Where Are Schrade Knives Made?

A brief history of the Schrade knife company was provided in the Schrade dating guide, showing that these knives were made in the USA.

The original Uncle Henry and Old Timer knives, among other models, were true American brands. While you can still find them around today, they are no longer made in the USA.

The Schrade company has been purchased by Taylor Brands LLC which now makes the knives in China. While some of the original models are still in production, they are not as finely made as they used to be.

Where Are GiantMouse Knives Made?

The GiantMouse knives also have a series of production facilities behind their name but they have now settled on a location.

Earlier GiantMouse knives were made in China but the newer models are produced in Maniago in Italy. The knives maintain their quality and can benefit from better production processes in Europe to bring up their quality ratings even better.

One of the most popular Giant Mouse models that weren’t made in Italy is the Riv which still manages to be a fan favorite today.

Where Are Old Hickory Knives Made?

I have always maintained that American-based brands are proud to slap on the stamp. The level of quality rating in the industry also means that they are not shy to declare what they made the knife with.

Old Hickory knives continue to be made in Ontario, USA, with fine quality 1095 high carbon stainless steel. The knives have always been made in the USA with apt attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and a fine finish to match.

Developed and made by the Ontario Knife company, this is one knife brand that we never want to see change hands. Or, at least, to not change hands with producers that will move the manufacturing abroad.

Where Are Bobcat Knives Made?

There is no definitive answer to that, so here’s one:

Bobcat knives are not made in the USA.

There is nowhere on the blade that would have led us to believe otherwise. Some of these knives also have the stamp “Brand of USA” which looks like a poor translation from anywhere in the world.

The biggest possibility is that this knife is made from somewhere in Asia, For the cost that they bring on their knives, I think the market deserves to know where these blades are coming from.

Where Are Skandia Knives Made?

Skandia knives are made by the Hampton Forge brand, so they were the place I went to for this information.

Some online sources listed the knives as German since they are fabricated from German high carbon stainless steel. That would not be representative of the whole truth.

Skandia knives are designed and engineered by Hampton Forge in the US with fabrication based overseas. The company exerts considerable influence on quality control by getting involved in the engineering process while leaving the manufacturing to Chinese factories.

These forged knives do not miss a step in quality this way and can still be sold at affordable prices.

Where Are Emojoy Knives Made?

Emojoy takes the value for money style to another level by offering a lot more knives in a single set for a low price. If that tells me anything right off, it is that a USA-based brand cannot afford to throw such deals around.

There are no concrete ideas on where Emojoy knives are made but all indications point to a production facility in China. Make sure to do your due diligence into the knife brand before you pick up a knife set from them – or you can simply check out unbiased knife set reviews here for the best pick.

Where Are Rostfrei Knives Made?

Rostfrei knives are made from anywhere in the world where there is some knifemaking.

The mistake that most of us make here is assuming Rostfrei is a brand of knives. Instead, it is a type of knife. In German, this translates to a “rust-free” knife, and I believe you should now observe how both pronunciations sound alike.

Rostfrei knives have been tried by different brands including Zwilling and Wusthof.

While the knife can be manufactured elsewhere, it does seem that the stainless steel used has to be of German origin.

Thus, credible Rostfrei knives should be made out of Solingen, Germany with rust-proof German stainless steel heat treated to deliver maximum cutting quality.

Where Are Cangshan Knives Made?

Cangshan knives are produced and manufactured in the Yangjiang province of China which is known for its quality blade making. This region is also home to production factories for brands such as Dalstrong, Kamikoto, and a few other knife companies on this list.

With over 1,000 other knife makers in the region, Cangshan is in good company and will surely compete well with quality materials as it aims for a shot at the market slice.

Where Are WESN Knives Made?

Like Stauer, WESN is an American brand that specializes in something else other than knives. The brand is known for its branded goods and keychain accessories, and they now have knives in the line-up.

One of the areas I want you to pay attention to is ‘branded goods.’ This means that the company can contract another company to make its goods, which WESN then slaps its name on.

I am led to believe that’s how it works with the knives too. Add to the fact that these knives don’t carry a proud ‘Made in USA’ badge, and it all starts to add up.

A solid guess puts the production of the WESN knives in China where a knifemaking brand is contacted to make the generic blades, carrying the WESN logo after production.

Where Are Winchester Knives Made?

All knife models from the Winchester knife company are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Kentucky, USA. The Winchester company outsources its knife production to Bluegrass Cutlery, a knifemaking brand in the US, helping to ensure higher quality design and level of craftsmanship.

Where Are Ruike Knives Made?

Ruike is not a standalone brand but a spinoff of the Fenix Flashlight company. This Canadian company used to make all its flashlights and other products in China. Once they expanded into the knife-making business, they kept their production interests in China still.

Ruike knives are still made in China today and there is no sign of moving the facility elsewhere anytime soon.

Where are Grace Knives Made?

A quick search shows that Grace-made knives are located in Texas, USA, but that was not enough for me. After all, that is what they listed on a Facebook page, not even an official website.

I checked some major e-commerce carriers and found that Grace knives are made in China. There are also indications that they have production facilities elsewhere like Pakistan too.

Where Are TUO Knives Made?

Some TUO knives offer great value for money but they can be confusing in their approach.

For example, the brand markets itself as a maker of Japanese knives but they are not operating from Japan. A close look at the knife also shows that they embrace a German appeal on the outside, but they don’t make knives from Germany either.

TUO knives are made in the Yangjiang province in China where the majority of knife makers are. The company sources high-quality steel and materials from around the world to be forged and assembled in China.

Where Are Opinel Knives Made?

Opinel has a long-standing French history as the company continues to make its fine folding knives, kitchen knives, and other kinds of knives from France.

The Opinel factory is located in Chambery, Savoy of France which is where the molds and handles of these cutting tools are developed and manufactured.

Opinel does not make all of its knives by itself as they have a manufacturing partner in Portugal these days. Of the knife line-up, only the spreading knives and vegetable knives are made in Portugal.

Are Bear and Son Knives Made in the USA?

Bear and Son knives are manufactured in an Alabama facility in Jacksonville. All parts of the knife are made in the USA, down to the screws on the blade and handle.

Where Are PUMA Knives Made?

I used to think that these knives were solely made in Solingen Germany, but I was in for a surprise.

PUMA knives are designed and supervised by the PUMA head office in Germany while they are made in Spain. PUMA has partner companies in Spain that take up the design and work on them to the head office’s satisfaction before they are pushed to the market.

PUMA maintains that all the knives made by its Spanish production outfits are rigorously tested for quality by its German reps before approval for sale.

There are also some PUMA knives (like the SGB Puma knife) that were assembled in China, even though the steel came directly from Germany.

Which PUMA knives are made in Germany?

There are still some PUMA knives made in Solingen, Germany. These helped PUMA attain its class status as it enjoys today and also contributed to establishing Solingen as a solid knifemaking region in the world.

Some of these German-made Puma knives include:

  • Puma Hunter
  • Puma 2+2 Raubwild
  • Puma 4-star Mini Jacaranda
  • Puma 4-star Mini Staghorn, and more.

You can find more on the official PUMA USA website here.

Where Are Timber Wolf Knives Made?

Timber Wolf maintains that they are the leader of the pack and we can see that they try with affordable, good-looking knives.

For a brand that sells so well in the USA, though, Timber Wolf knives are not made in the USA but in China instead.

I cannot pin down where exactly in China but they might have a presence in Yangjiang too. For what it’s worth, they have been here for more than 25 years now and are still going strong, so I don’t doubt that they are doing something right.

Who Makes Moore Maker Knives?

Moore Maker is located in the US but they do not make their knives. They don’t take the production overseas either as their knives are designed and manufactured from within the US too.

Some of the manufacturers that make knives for this company include:

  • Queen in Titusville; and
  • Bear and Son Cutlery in Jacksonville

It is safe to say that these knives will retain the American quality that we so love on our blades, even if they come at a higher price.

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