What Can a Stanley Knife Cut Through (Tested against different materials)

Have you also wondered what a Stanley knife could cut through?

Many of us are not new to the Stanley knife. Before you ask if it should even be called a knife at all, yes, it should.

With that out of the way, what else can the Stanley knife cut besides paper in your office?

You would be surprised to learn that this knife can do a lot more. On the flip side of things, there are some items that you might expect it to cut through, but it’s not good for.

Let’s get right into it.

Will a Stanley knife cut carpet?

There is a special Stanley knife that can be used to cut carpets.

While you can use just about any kind of utility knife to cut carpets, as long as it is sharp enough, the Stanley Carpet Blade is best suited.

One of the things that you will love about this knife is the reversible twin hook blade. They are designed such that you can cut individual layers of the carpet without touching the one underneath.

So, you can work on the top layers of the carpet and leave the ones underneath untouched, or cut up all the layers if you want.

This is advised for making crafts with your carpet or designing them into desired forms.

Will a Stanley knife cut glass?

There are a lot of things to put into consideration here.

For starters, you never truly cut glass. You just score the surface of the glass along the lines where you want to cut it so that you can snap it off better and easier.

Now, how clean a cut you get, the level of shards and residue will depend on the cleanliness of the cutting process.

You should cut your glass with a specialized glass cutting tool.

A Stanley knife can score glass enough to help cut it, depending on the thickness of the glass. While they are not ideal for glass cutting, they can be a handy tool when doing some minimal glass cutting,

Make sure to choose the Stanley utility knife as they are best applied in this instance.

Can you use a Stanley knife to cut laminates?

Self-adhering laminates can be cut by anything from a utility knife to a table saw or power saw.

Thus, a Stanley knife is a nice tool to have handy when you’re dealing with laminates.

Will a Stanley knife cut plywood?

Like it was with glass, the answer here depends also.

Plywood comes in varying degrees of thickness and that should be considered before you take your Stanley knife to it.

A standard Stanley utility knife should cut through a 1 – 3mm plywood sheet effectively. You might need to apply some pressure, but it should get the job done.

Be very careful when making those cuts so that the knife doesn’t slip and cut you. This usually occurs when you’re putting more force than necessary into any cutting.

Once that starts to happen, it is time to change the blades on your Stanley knife or retire it entirely for a better-suited tool for the job.

I know some people prefer a table saw for anything around 3mm or higher. At the end of the cutting, the Stanley knife can be used to trim the edges of the plywood.

Will a Stanley knife cut plastic?

I wouldn’t advise that you cut plastic with a Stanley knife.

Unless you want the plastic to break, they are best cut with toothed knives. If you are using a knife at all, that is.

Otherwise, get relevant specialty tools for cutting knives and use those instead.

Can you cut acrylic sheets and Perspex with a Stanley knife?

If you know what you are doing, you can cut acrylic sheets with a Stanley knife.

Much like what we had on the glass part, you don’t cut the acrylic but score it. Get the scoring right and it breaks out into a fine separation for you.

If you ever want to use your Stanley knife on acrylic sheets, here is a guide for you.

How do you use your Stanley knife?

Already, it is obvious that the utility Stanley knife truly understands the assignment.

It is almost like you can deploy these knives in any number of ways. While they do have their limitations too, I appreciate how they seem to be able to do everything – and do it right also.

If you have a Stanley knife too, how do you use them? Do you plan on using them for other things mentioned here?

Let me know in the comments.

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