Why Are Borka Blades So Expensive (4 Reasons)

I have seen some expensive knives in my time, and while I haven’t bought any for myself, I’ve had the good luck to hold some of them.

I even wrote a piece on how Randall knives are considered expensive by some people – and why that is.

Comparing the pricing on Randall knives to what Borka knives bring, though, there’s a big difference.

Borka knives are expensive because they are custom made, feature quality materials, pass through a rigorous quality control process and enjoy colossal demand. They are also made by one man which gives them exclusivity in the market.

But that’s not all about these knives. Read on to learn more about why these knives cost as much as they do.

What Makes Borka Blades So Costly?

After going through these reasons, I still couldn’t justify spending thousands of dollars on just one knife.

In the absence of every other form of reason, here are some factors to consider around the cost of these knives.

#1 – They Look Good

Maybe at the expense of their functionality, but you cannot deny that all of these Borka knives look good.

Berenji Sebastijan, the maker of these knives, knows how to appeal to your sights, and he does it with these blades.

Some knives have a fine texturing that looks like flint chipping on the blade. Some others come with other forms of finishing that would make you look twice.

Even if that’s not the only thing influencing the price, it undoubtedly contributes to how much these knives are sold for.

#2 – Some Are Custom Made Pieces

I wouldn’t expect custom-made knives to sell at the same price as production knives.

Since they are custom-made, they also take some time to get done. This is the same thing we see with Randall knives, which is why you can get some models faster than the others.

Think about having to break out a new mold for your kind of knife and then tuning it to specs without breaking anything. That takes a higher level of engineering than just churning out plenty of units on a machine.

Take those extra labor hours into consideration, and we can drive up the price a little more. Compared to everyday knives, that is.

#3 – Quality of Materials

Borka doesn’t use just any kind of material for its knives.

The brand tends towards M390 stainless steel, one of the best steels in the market. It is a super steel alloy that reduces wear, almost eliminates corrosion and retains its edge.

Borka knives improve on that with titanium handles. While titanium isn’t that much better than steel, it is harder to source, making it a premium material.

Combine both materials on the outside of the knife, and you can see where the higher costs can come in there alone.

We haven’t even looked at all the moving parts on the knife’s inside and how they come brilliantly.

#4 – Limited Production Runs

It takes some time to get your hands on an original Borka knife. These knives aren’t always in production, but a backlog of demand exists to keep the brand in business.

The laws of economics come into play here, and since the demand outweighs the supply, the price is pushed up.

The knifemaker can focus on those willing to pay the premium rather than rush to fulfill all their orders.

Are These Reasons Justified Enough?

To me, they aren’t.

But that’s maybe cos I see these knives as expensive.

There are people out there who don’t think these knives are expensive, and for a good reason.

If you’re one of such people, you can order one of these for yourself. Otherwise, you could be like me and choose the Whiteknuckler knives or any of the Esee 3 or 4 knives instead.

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