How Much Does A Butterfly Knife Cost

Butterfly knives look like a great collector’s item to own – and they have a dangerous appeal to match.

That is why most people want one. Given that they are somewhat illegal in most places, though, such a status could help drive up their cost.

So, how much does a butterfly knife cost anyway?

A butterfly knife costs in the range of $100 – $400 on average and the price can increase based on several factors. The final price of a butterfly knife will be dependent on materials of make, manufacturer, and market conditions.

Picks like the Benchmade 62, for example, retails for around $500 and that is not the highest that these knives can go for.

Are butterfly knives expensive?

While discussing the average cost of pocket knives and whether or not they are expensive, I mentioned that the word ‘expensive’ can be subjective.

After all, something can be expensive to me but look affordable to you.

With butterfly knives, though, I accept that these guys are expensive.

Why’s that?

When you look at a butterfly knife and standard kitchen knife set from Shun, for example, you see that the former does not offer you anything special.

There is nothing other than fancy parts and a dangerous blade on the butterfly knife. Thus, I don’t see it as being functional enough to justify all of that money.

The fact that the knife is also banned in many places makes it an even higher-priced item. Tell people that they cannot have something and they somehow want it more.

Pair that to the fact that it is available in minimal quantities, and you see why manufacturers can charge a higher price for their units.

How much do plastic butterfly knives cost?

Butterfly knife trainers are the best alternatives to the real thing.

They allow you all the fun and action that you would get from a real balisong without the danger of handling one.

The majority of the amazing options that you will find retails for between $15 – $30. I found this cheap butterfly knife trainer on Amazon that gives you all the allure of owning a real balisong knife. You can even practice some tricks with it by yourself at home.

Besides the cost factor, you should also consider personal safety as a reason to invest in fake balisongs instead of the real deal. For a knife that can still cut you when closed (via the bite handle), you surely have to employ more than the basic knife safety and care tips to handle it well.

Finally, consider the legality of the whole matter. This knife is banned in most, if not all places that you can think of in the US.

You can spend all that money on the real deal if you are comfortable with never being able to take it out with you. Otherwise, buy the prop butterfly knives and enjoy them.

Is it illegal to own a butterfly knife?

Short answer: yes.

If you’re interested in finding out the multiple reasons why these knives are illegal, go through this resource I put together. I also discussed where exactly the knives are illegal, and areas where you can carry them with some leeway.

For additional legality support, look at this distilled piece on knife carriage laws in the US – and check with your local laws to be extra sure.

Can a minor buy a butterfly knife?

In most areas where minors are even allowed to buy any kinds of knives at all, they are restricted to ordinary pocket knives and will most likely need the written consent of a parent or guardian.

That said, even the parents/ guardians would have a hard time buying a real butterfly knife legally. So, what makes you think that this is something a store would sell to a minor?

Even when buying online, you are facing the risk of getting caught with the knife – and charged with offenses relating to possession.

These knives are illegal for a reason that you don’t want to challenge. If you would buy any knife as a minor, or for a minor, look through this guide on buying a knife for kids and young adults.

Wrapping Up

A butterfly knife can cost a pretty penny, but they are pretty enough to make up all that cost also. They are also generally made with better materials to justify the cost that they come at.

Beyond that, the rest of the cost is defined by increased demand for a minimal supply of these banned knives.

You can get around all that by picking up suitable trainer butterfly knives in different forms and shapes that suit you best.

No matter what you do, ensure you are legally permitted to own the knife that you are carrying – and that no open/ concealed carry laws in your locality are against you.

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